Study for a excellent price

With an accommodation for a top price. 

Not for every good student in Africa is it possible to study. The studies fees are very often too high. Almost excluded is studying abroad. The consultant team behind is always on the lookout to help these students to study. In the last year we have found a modern university in India whose tuition and accommodation prices are excellent. The annual fee for a bachelor's program starts at $ 2,000 a year.

In Jarhr 2018, more than 23,000 students attended this university. More than 1000 of them came from abroad. And this proportion is growing continuously.

With its own living area with various international canteens, fitness area and internet access, the university offers foreign students a very good study environment.

The Morisnet team is your gateway to this university. We help you with the enrollment. Together with you we compile the necessary documents for your studies. We accompany you at Visa process. For the University, we do part of the enrollment work and are a link between the university and the students from Africa and other countries.

The fee for these services is 700 USD for the student once. 100 usd of this amount is a fee at the start of the enrollment process. This amount is non-refundable. 

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